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Innovana Thinklabs Ltd.

NSE: INNOVANA SECTOR: IT - Software  29k   237   8

-23.50 (-4.28%)
NSE: 12 Apr 04:05 PM

Price Summary

Today's High

₹ 531.05

Today's Low

₹ 525

52 Week High

₹ 799.95

52 Week Low

₹ 280


Ownership Stable
Ownership strength is slightly missing the benchmark.
The stock is at a premium valuation at this point.
The company knows very well the utilization of its assets.
FinancialsVery Stable
The company possesses stable growth history and manageable debt.
*It is just an analytical rating of the company and not an investment advice.

Company Essentials

Market Cap

1077.28 Cr.

Enterprise Value

1076.49 Cr.

No. of Shares

2.05 Cr.





Face Value

₹ 10

Div. Yield

0.05 %

Book Value (TTM)

₹  48.58


1.09 Cr.


0.31 Cr.

Promoter Holding

73.23 %


₹  8.48

Sales Growth



26.61 %



Profit Growth

52.68 %

* Total debt includes long term borrowing, short term borrowing plus current maturities of long-term borrowing
* Ratios are based on latest Audited Financial Result.

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Volume Chart 1d 1w 1m 3m 6m 1Yr 3Yr 5Yr

* Prices are based on daily market changes.
* The chart is based on the standalone earnings of the company. * Negative values and values more than 1000x in PE chart is considered 0.

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Sales Growth

1 Year37.41%
3 Year0.96%
5 Year6.34%

Profit Growth

1 Year52.68%
3 Year15.45%
5 Year18.07%


1 Year26.61%
3 Year23.01%
5 Year28.39%


1 Year35.61%
3 Year30.87%
5 Year38.28%



Price to Cash Flow


Interest Cover Ratio


CFO/PAT (5 Yr. Avg.)


Share Holding Pattern

Promoter Pledging %

Date Promoter % Pledge %
Sep 2023 73.23 0
Mar 2023 73.19 0
Sep 2022 73.19 0
Mar 2022 73.17 0
Sep 2021 73.17 0
Investors List
* Figures given above are % of equity capital


  • The Company is Virtually Debt Free.
  • The Company has healthy Operating Margin of 46.9290980976611%.


  • The company has delivered poor Income growth of 0.95683098716679% over past 3 years.

Quarterly Result (All Figures in Cr.)

PARTICULARS Jun 2023 Sep 2023 Dec 2023
Net Sales 16.62 14.02 12.17
Total Expenditure 4.31 5.51 3.91
Operating Profit 12.32 8.51 8.25
Other Income 1.11 3.21 3.12
Interest 0.17 0.08 0.1
Depreciation 0.24 0.25 0.23
Exceptional Items 0 0 0
Profit Before Tax 13.03 11.38 11.05
Tax 3.39 2.93 2.62
Profit After Tax 9.64 8.45 8.43
Adjusted EPS (Rs) 4.7 4.12 4.11

Profit & Loss (All Figures in Cr. Adjusted EPS in Rs.)

PARTICULARS Mar 2019 Mar 2020 Mar 2021 Mar 2022 Mar 2023
Net Sales 40.8 40.73 33.81 30.5 41.91
Total Expenditure 28.99 25.95 24.74 17.69 22.24
Operating Profit 11.82 14.79 9.07 12.82 19.67
Other Income 1.48 1.85 3.88 3.96 5.13
Interest 0.06 0.07 0.23 0.42 0.42
Depreciation 1.36 1.24 0.9 1.08 1.04
Exceptional Items 0 0 0 0 0
Profit Before Tax 11.87 15.33 11.82 15.28 23.35
Provision for Tax 3.34 3.93 3 3.9 5.97
Net Profit 8.76 11.29 9.13 11.38 17.38
Adjusted EPS (Rs.) 4.16 5.56 4.3 5.55 8.48

Balance Sheet (All Figures are in Crores.)

Particulars Mar 2019 Mar 2020 Mar 2021 Mar 2022 Mar 2023
Equity and Liabilities
Share Capital 4.1 10.25 10.25 10.25 20.5
Total Reserves 22.79 27.76 36.98 47.27 52.57
Borrowings 0.56 0.57 0.56 0 0
Other N/C liabilities -0.01 -0.03 0.9 7.95 4.17
Current liabilities 26.06 43.91 43.02 50.41 47.42
Total Liabilities 53.5 82.45 91.71 115.89 124.66
Net Block 12.15 11.27 10.6 13.42 12.48
Capital WIP 0 0 0 0.4 1.86
Intangible WIP 0 0 0 0 0
Investments 15.86 21.84 15.99 16.13 20.62
Loans & Advances 0.08 5.92 21.05 5.09 0.28
Other N/C Assets 0 0 0 0 34.2
Current Assets 25.42 43.43 44.07 80.85 55.22
Total Assets 53.5 82.45 91.71 115.89 124.66
* Other Non-current Liabilities include Net deferred Liabilities

Cash Flows (All Figures are in Crores.)

PARTICULARS Mar 2019 Mar 2020 Mar 2021 Mar 2022 Mar 2023
Profit from operations 11.87 15.33 11.82 15.28 23.35
Adjustment 0.77 -0.77 -2.33 -2.22 -3.86
Changes in Assets & Liabilities 11.01 13.67 3.6 -8.65 -9.03
Tax Paid -3.13 -4.3 -2.8 -3.85 -4.9
Operating Cash Flow 20.53 23.93 10.29 0.56 5.55
Investing Cash Flow -16.86 -6.1 -5.68 -0.52 -35.22
Financing Cash Flow 0.5 -0.05 -0.21 2.48 -4.23
Net Cash Flow 4.16 17.78 4.39 2.52 -33.89

Corporate Actions

Investors Details

PARTICULARS Sep 2021% Mar 2022% Sep 2022% Mar 2023% Sep 2023%
promoters 73.17 73.17 73.19 73.19 73.23
chandan garg - - - 71.22 71.26
kapil garg - - - 1.94 1.94
priyanka garg - - - 0.02 0.02
chandan garg - - 71.22 - -
kapil garg - - 1.94 - -
priyanka garg - - 0.02 - -
chandan garg 71.22 71.22 - - -
kapil garg 1.94 1.94 - - -
PARTICULARS Sep 2021% Mar 2022% Sep 2022% Mar 2023% Sep 2023%
investors 26.83 26.83 26.81 26.81 26.77
beeline broking limited - - 2.79 1.85 1.73
beeline merchant banking ... - - 1.57 1.67 1.62
manish kumar - - 1.01 1.35 1.35
sambhavnath investments a... - - - 1.40 1.03
as finalysis ventures llp... - - 1.12 1.05 -
sambhavnath investments ... - - 1.35 - -
adheesh kabra huf . 1.59 3.63 - - -
as finalysis ventures llp... - 1.08 - - -
beeline broking limited 0.28 2.60 - - -
goenka business and finan... 1.38 1.36 - - -
manish kumar - 1.00 - - -
pooja sharma - 1.15 - - -
sunny kantilal solanki - 2.13 - - -

Annual Reports

Ratings & Research Reports

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Innovana Thinklabs Stock Price Analysis and Quick Research Report. Is Innovana Thinklabs an attractive stock to invest in?


Stock investing requires careful analysis of financial data to find out the company's true net worth. This is generally done by examining the company's profit and loss account, balance sheet and cash flow statement. This can be time-consuming and cumbersome. An easier way to find out about a company's performance is to look at its financial ratios, which can help to make sense of the overwhelming amount of information that can be found in a company's financial statements.

Here are the few indispensable tools that should be a part of every investor’s research process.

  • PE ratio: - Price to Earnings' ratio, which indicates for every rupee of earnings how much an investor is willing to pay for a share. A general rule of thumb is that shares trading at a low P/E are undervalued (it depends on other factors too). Innovana Thinklabs has a PE ratio of 62.0015102175657 which is high and comparatively overvalued .

  • Share Price: - The current share price of Innovana Thinklabs is Rs 525.5. One can use valuation calculators of ticker to know if Innovana Thinklabs share price is undervalued or overvalued.

  • Return on Assets (ROA): - Return on Assets measures how effectively a company can earn a return on its investment in assets. In other words, ROA shows how efficiently a company can convert the money used to purchase assets into net income or profits. Innovana Thinklabs has ROA of 14.4467324085727 % which is a bad sign for future performance. (higher values are always desirable)

  • Current ratio: - The current ratio measures a company's ability to pay its short-term liabilities with its short-term assets. A higher current ratio is desirable so that the company could be stable to unexpected bumps in business and economy. Innovana Thinklabs has a Current ratio of 1.16455662514264 .

  • Return on equity: - ROE measures the ability of a firm to generate profits from its shareholders investments in the company. In other words, the return on equity ratio shows how much profit each rupee of common stockholders’ equity generates. Innovana Thinklabs has a ROE of 26.6104198132202 % .(higher is better)

  • Debt to equity ratio: - It is a good metric to check out the capital structure along with its performance. Innovana Thinklabs has a D/E ratio of 0.0042 which means that the company has low proportion of debt in its capital.

  • Sales growth: - Innovana Thinklabs has reported revenue growth of 37.4135890340505 % which is fair in relation to its growth and performance.

  • Operating Margin: - This will tell you about the operational efficiency of the company. The operating margin of Innovana Thinklabs for the current financial year is 46.9290980976611 %.

  • Dividend Yield: - It tells us how much dividend we will receive in relation to the price of the stock. The current year dividend for Innovana Thinklabs is Rs 0.25 and the yield is 0.0476 %.

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Brief about Innovana Thinklabs

Innovana Thinklabs Limited Financials: Check Share Price, Balance Sheet, Annual Report, Quarterly Results, Shareholding, Company Profile and News for Company Analysis

Innovana Thinklabs Limited is a prominent company in the field of technology solutions and innovation. With a strong dedication and commitment towards transforming businesses through cutting-edge technology, Innovana Thinklabs has emerged as a leader in the industry.

The company focuses on providing innovative and customized solutions to its clients, helping them enhance their operational efficiency, streamline processes, and achieve sustainable growth. With a team of skilled and experienced professionals, Innovana Thinklabs strives to deliver top-notch services that meet the diverse needs of its clients.

Innovana Thinklabs Limited: Share Price

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Innovana Thinklabs Limited: Balance Sheet

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Innovana Thinklabs Limited: Annual Report

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Innovana Thinklabs Limited: Dividend

Investors often seek information about the dividend policy followed by companies to evaluate the potential returns on their investments. Dividends represent a portion of a company's profits distributed to its shareholders, and they play a crucial role in attracting investors who prioritize regular income streams.

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Innovana Thinklabs Limited: Quarterly Result

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Innovana Thinklabs Limited: Promoters and Shareholders

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Remember, at [website name], we offer a range of pre-built screening tools and premium features to aid long-term stock investors in their stock analysis, including tools like DCF Analysis, BVPS Analysis, Earnings multiple approach, and DuPont analysis. Our website also provides downloadable annual reports, concall transcripts, investor presentations, and other research reports to enhance your understanding and evaluation of Innovana Thinklabs Limited. Explore our website and make well-informed investment decisions based on reliable analyses and information.

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