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The Idea Behind Ticker

We are a passionate team of investors at Finology. Earlier, we always faced problems while doing equity analysis in our personal capacity. Most Free stock screeners available either provided insufficient data or were plagued with inaccuracy.

The paid tools on the other hand, were way too expensive for the common man. We at Finology aim to make investing simple & rewarding for the retail investor. Hence, we took matters in our own hand to build an enterprise grade research & analysis tool for the retail investor and came up with Ticker.

Ticker stock screening

How ticker solves your purpose:

Valuation chart

1. Analyzing a stock in detail

Stock research strategies

2. Using bundles to find out potential opportunities

Stock peer comparison

3. Comparing peers

Stock portfolio watchlist

4. Using it as a smart portfolio & watchlist tool

Market-economy news

5. Market & economy related news

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How does Ticker assist in detailed analysis of stocks?

With Ticker you get the following information in one go!

  • Details about the company essentials
  • Important charts relating to performance etc.
  • Details about the peers
  • Important ratios (calculated)
  • Information about shareholding (pledged shares etc.)
  • Quarterly and annual results, P&L statement and Cash Flows
  • Information on corporate action

Important documents relating to the company including annual reports, Rating & Research Reports and Company Presentations. All this information is dynamic based on the industry in which the company operates and the ratios are tuned by experts to give more relevant information.

We don't wish to brag about it but, Ticker is almost incomparable with other stock screeners and equity research tools which are available out there. Reason being, Ticker is not just a stock screener or an equity research tool, it's a wholesome package that is specially developed to assist all kinds of investors (except speculators) at all stages of investing.

Following are some of the features that make it the best in the market:

  • Robust and customizable Stock Analysis
  • Detailed Peer Comparison (qualitative and quantitative)
  • Expertly crafted Bundles

There are more than 5000 listed companies and we at Finology could well understand that a retail investor would get puzzled about – how to get started and where to start from?

Therefore, we created Bundles to help the retail investor to figure out an appropriate starting point based on proven investment strategies. These bundles are quite helpful for referential purpose. We recommend that as a retail investor you need to evaluate your options wisely instead of just blindly investing in a set of companies. But yes, Bundles will serve you well for sure!

We're pretty sure that Ticker's customization will delight you. Here's how: from the point you start using Ticker you can add features based on your requirement like- you can add ratios according to your requirement. After that you add stocks of companies that you prefer to prepare a smart Watchlist (Using the open-eye icon). Once done, you'll start receiving updates and notifications based on your personalized Watchlist. You ask for it, you get it!