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Sample Screens to get you started.

Click the below pre-created screens to dive-in into screener and explore.

Profit Givers

Largecap companies having net profit growth more than 15%.

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Value Stocks

Undervalued stocks based only on PE and PEG ratio.

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Promoter Rich

Companies where promoters have a majority of stake.

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Dividend Yielders

Stocks paying high dividends based on their yield.

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How to use Finology Screener?

Filter out stocks based on your own set of criteria. Finology Screener helps you narrow down thousands of companies to a small group of companies. You just need to enter your criteria based on 1200+ ratios that we have made for you, whatever type of stocks you want, you can think of a query and it will show you the companies which fulfill your requirements. Just follow the below steps to use Finology Screener -

Step 1. Type your query

You can type your required ratio names and find your desired ratio from various company financials like Balance sheet, Profit and loss, Quarterly results, Cash flow, Share holding and much more. We have 1200+ of them.

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Step 2. Choose from Suggestions

While you type, we show you smart suggestions which are applicable at the point of your query building. Just click on one of the suggestions that pop in and experience a new way to build queries to screen stocks.

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Step 3. Click on Run Screener

After you have completed building your query give a final revision, you can take advantage of our smart highlights which make the query look clear. Click on run query to get companies that fit your criteria.

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Step 4. Analyze your results

After you run the query we show the matching companies based on updated parameter values. Analyze the result based on various data points that we show you.

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