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Beta Drugs Ltd.

NSE: BETA SECTOR: Pharmaceuticals & Drugs  58k   158   8

-14.65 (-1.19%)
NSE: 12 Jun 03:32 PM

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Today's High

₹ 1250

Today's Low

₹ 1214

52 Week High

₹ 1595

52 Week Low

₹ 715


Ownership Stable
Ownership strength is slightly missing the benchmark.
The stock is at a premium valuation at this point.
The company knows very well the utilization of its assets.
FinancialsVery Stable
The company possesses stable growth history and manageable debt.
*It is just an analytical rating of the company and not an investment advice.

Company Essentials

Market Cap

1171.97 Cr.

Enterprise Value

1160.13 Cr.

No. of Shares

0.96 Cr.





Face Value

₹ 10

Div. Yield

0 %

Book Value (TTM)

₹  120.67


17.79 Cr.


5.95 Cr.

Promoter Holding

66.73 %


₹  22.82

Sales Growth



21.66 %



Profit Growth

32.08 %

* Total debt includes long term borrowing, short term borrowing plus current maturities of long-term borrowing
* Ratios are based on latest Audited Financial Result.

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Sales Growth

1 Year26.45%
3 Year34.2%
5 Year25.57%

Profit Growth

1 Year32.08%
3 Year38.39%
5 Year22.71%


1 Year21.66%
3 Year17.84%
5 Year17.83%


1 Year27.93%
3 Year23.58%
5 Year21.2%



Price to Cash Flow


Interest Cover Ratio


CFO/PAT (5 Yr. Avg.)


Share Holding Pattern

Promoter Pledging %

Date Promoter % Pledge %
Mar 2024 66.73 0
Dec 2023 66.73 0
Sep 2023 66.73 0
Jun 2023 66.73 0
Mar 2023 66.73 0
Investors List
* Figures given above are % of equity capital


  • The company has shown a good revenue growth of 34.2006184422359% for the Past 3 years.
  • Company has been maintaining healthy ROCE of 23.582382885265% over the past 3 years.
  • Company is virtually debt free.
  • Company has a healthy Interest coverage ratio of 31.1296761085216.
  • The company has an efficient Cash Conversion Cycle of 18.2895200605553 days.
  • Company has a healthy liquidity position with current ratio of 2.5199312812358.
  • The company has a high promoter holding of 66.73%.


  • The company is trading at a high EV/EBITDA of 33.3062.

Quarterly Result (All Figures in Cr.)

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Profit & Loss (All Figures in Cr. Adjusted EPS in Rs.)

PARTICULARS Mar 2019 Mar 2020 Mar 2021 Mar 2022 Mar 2023
Net Sales 58.05 65.32 79.46 124.85 157.87
Total Expenditure 47.74 53.57 64.15 99.66 126.68
Operating Profit 10.31 11.75 15.31 25.18 31.2
Other Income 0.32 0.42 0.61 0.86 1.04
Interest 0.73 0.64 0.77 0.41 0.84
Depreciation 2.42 2.58 5.27 5.47 6.19
Exceptional Items 0 0 0 0 0
Profit Before Tax 7.47 8.95 9.88 20.16 25.21
Tax -0.25 1.85 2.9 5.92 6.39
Net Profit 7.71 7.1 6.98 14.25 18.82
Adjusted EPS (Rs.) 8.92 7.39 7.26 14.82 19.57

Balance Sheet (All Figures are in Crores.)

Particulars Mar 2019 Mar 2020 Mar 2021 Mar 2022 Mar 2023
Equity and Liabilities
Share Capital 8.65 9.61 9.61 9.61 9.61
Total Reserves 31.95 46.83 53.8 67.85 86.64
Borrowings 4.94 3.45 3.39 5.15 3.73
Other N/C liabilities 0.49 0.89 1.45 1.84 1.69
Current liabilities 19.49 22.59 20.34 30.06 35.22
Total Liabilities 65.51 83.37 88.59 114.51 136.89
Net Block 12.12 31.67 28.01 34.06 34.77
Capital WIP 14.69 0.08 1.9 0 0
Intangible WIP 0 0 0 0 0
Investments 1.61 6.12 6.54 6.54 6.55
Loans & Advances 4.74 7.18 5.81 6.89 6.78
Other N/C Assets 0 0 0.05 0.05 0.05
Current Assets 32.34 38.32 46.28 66.97 88.74
Total Assets 65.51 83.37 88.59 114.51 136.89
* Other Non-current Liabilities include Net deferred Liabilities

Cash Flows (All Figures are in Crores.)

PARTICULARS Mar 2019 Mar 2020 Mar 2021 Mar 2022 Mar 2023
Profit from operations 7.47 8.95 9.88 20.16 25.21
Adjustment 1.64 1.57 4 3.11 0.42
Changes in Assets & Liabilities -1.38 -4.43 -2.28 -4.51 -15.41
Tax Paid 0 0 0 0 0
Operating Cash Flow 7.73 6.09 11.6 18.76 10.23
Investing Cash Flow -16.08 -14.33 -3.15 -12.72 -5.82
Financing Cash Flow -0.64 9.48 -4.34 1.27 -2.19
Net Cash Flow -8.99 1.24 4.1 7.31 2.21

Corporate Actions

Investors Details

PARTICULARS Mar 2023% Jun 2023% Sep 2023% Dec 2023% Mar 2024%
promoters 66.73 66.73 66.73 66.73 66.73
aditi batra 0.01 0.01 0.01 0.01 0.01
heena batra 0.01 0.01 0.01 0.01 0.01
neeraj batra 65.96 65.96 65.96 65.96 65.96
rahul batra 0.41 0.41 0.41 0.41 0.41
varun batra 0.35 0.35 0.35 0.35 0.35
PARTICULARS Mar 2023% Jun 2023% Sep 2023% Dec 2023% Mar 2024%
investors 33.27 33.27 33.27 33.27 33.27
ashish kacholia 5.78 5.78 5.78 5.78 5.78
bsas infotech limited 1.27 1.27 1.27 1.27 1.27
onkar singh 1.05 1.05 1.05 1.05 1.05
suryavanshi commotrade pr... 6.71 6.74 6.74 6.74 6.74
llp 0.18 0.15 0.02 - -

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Company Presentations

Company News

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Beta Drugs Stock Price Analysis and Quick Research Report. Is Beta Drugs an attractive stock to invest in?

The Indian healthcare sector is expected to reach US$ 372 billion by 2022, driven by rising incomes, greater health awareness, lifestyle diseases and increasing access to insurance. Healthcare has become one of India’s largest sectors - both in terms of revenue and employment.

Healthcare comprises hospitals, medical devices, clinical trials, outsourcing, telemedicine, medical tourism, health insurance, and medical equipment. The structure of the healthcare delivery system in India consists of three broad segments: Primary care, Secondary care, and Tertiary care.

  • Primary care is the first point of contact between the population and the healthcare service providers. For example, Sub-center (SC), Primary Health Centre (PHC) and Community Health Centre (CHC) which is more relevant to rural areas (PHC’s).
  • Secondary care providers inpatient as well as outpatient medical services and includes simple surgical procedures. For example, District level & Mid-sized hospitals.
  • Tertiary care is the third level of the healthcare delivery system in the country. These hospitals are specialized consultative healthcare infrastructure. For example, Single specialty and Multi-specialty hospitals.

While healthcare services are offered by the public as well as private sectors, in urban as well as rural areas, generally people prefer private hospitals over public hospitals for treatment of diseases, illness, and sickness. So, let’s look into Beta Drugs and its performance over the period of time. Beta Drugs stock price today is Rs 1219.05.

  • Operating cash flow ratio: It measures the adequacy of a company’s cash generated from operating activities to pay off short-term financial obligations. Beta Drugs cash from the operating activity was Rs 10.2264 Cr.
  • Financial Strength: Health care organizations usually have high debt loads and low equity capital in their balance sheet. So, Debt to Equity ratio is important to analyze the company’s sustainability. Beta Drugs has a Debt to Equity ratio of 0.0618 , which is a strong indication for the company.
  • EPS growth: Investors should ensure the EPS figure is growing faster than revenue numbers because it indicates company management is increasing the efficiency with which it runs the company. In Beta Drugs , the EPS growth was 32.0754716981132 % which is good for the company.
  • Operating profit margin: It determines a company's potential earnings. It assesses how well-managed a company with respect to its basic overhead costs and other operating expenses, Beta Drugs has OPM of 19.7613927518377 % which is a good sign for profitability.
  • ROE: Beta Drugs have a healthy ROE of 21.6629594834812 %. ROE is an important financial parameter for hospitals & health care companies because they expand and grow rapidly. Therefore, ROE measures how efficiently a shareholder's fund is used for generating profits.
  • Share Price: - The current share price of Beta Drugs is Rs 1219.05. One can use valuation calculators of ticker to know if Beta Drugs share price is undervalued or overvalued.
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Brief about Beta Drugs

Beta Drugs Limited Financials: Check Share Price, Balance Sheet, Annual Report, Quarterly Results, Shareholding, Company Profile and News for Company Analysis

Beta Drugs Limited is a leading pharmaceutical company engaged in the development, manufacturing, and marketing of a wide range of therapeutic products. With a strong presence in the market, Beta Drugs Limited is committed to providing high-quality pharmaceuticals that meet global standards.

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At Beta Drugs Limited, we understand the importance of providing investors with comprehensive stock analysis tools and resources. Our stock analysis page offers a wide range of information, including company profile, share price, balance sheet, annual reports, dividend history, quarterly results, stock price charts, news updates, concall transcripts, investor presentations, details about promoters, and major shareholders. With our premium features, investors can calculate fair value using tools such as DCF Analysis, BVPS Analysis, Earnings multiple approach, and DuPont analysis. Access all these resources on our website and make informed decisions for long-term investing.

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