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Amusement Parks/Recreation/Club

The one that's all about the fun stuff and food. Get the latest information about companies present in Amusement Parks/Recreation/Club sector.

Today's Gainer / Loser

Company priceRs. Change%
Hanman Fit 2.50 +4.60%
Wonderla Holidays 967.80 +2.52%
Company priceRs. Change%
Nicco Parks & Resort 155.10 -1.84%
Imagicaaworld Enter 52.25 -1.23%

Top Performer companies (Based on TTM Profit)

Company TTM ProfitCr.
Imagicaaworld Enter 379.095
Wonderla Holidays 171.987
Nicco Parks & Resort 22.597
Hanman Fit -0.14494

Top Return companies 1m 3m 6m 1Yr