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Fair Value of companies is very difficult to calculate.

Not any more!

Ticker Plus arms you with exclusive features that relevantly help you to calculate the fair value of companies. Subscribing to Ticker Plus will give you an edge over other investors and we mean it!

Exclusive features that you get with Ticker Plus:

  1. Valuation Techniques
  2. Assorted Bundles & Ratios
  3. Exclusive Access to Special Features
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TickerPlus - Makes you Smart Valuer

We are smart in our valuation, we are giving this power to you via TickerPlus.

1. Valuation Techniques Get the true value of a stock!

Ticker Plus comes with special powerful valuation techniques such as DuPont Analysis, Discounted Cash Flow and EPS Multiple approach. When used in combination, these techniques will guide you in the best direction towards fair valuation.

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Premium Bundles
Premium Bundles
2. Assorted Bundles & Ratios Shhh!! Premium Bundles.

With Ticker Plus you get access to important ratios for analysing a company which are not available anywhere else. You also get access to assorted bundles which will invaluably assist you to get started with your research.

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3. Exclusive Access to Special Features We got you covered always.

Ticker Plus subscription allows you to access Common size statement, Smart Portfolio (with style box and option of adding up to 50 stocks) and Watchlist (with option of adding up to 100 companies). These features will give you an added advantage while investing.

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