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S&P Bse Small Cap

This page shows the latest information about the S&P Bse Small Cap of BSE.

The S&P Bse Small Cap Index contains total of companies which are also called its Constituents.

 +526.11  (1.06%)
12 June 03:59 PM

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Today's Gainer / Loser

Company priceRs. Change%
Veranda Learning Sln 185.35 +19.46%
Ind Tourism Dev Corp 780.05 +15.98%
Gravita India 1332.85 +15.73%
Dhampur Bio Organics 156.75 +15.11%
Asian Granito India 71.82 +14.95%
Company priceRs. Change%
Indian Metal & Ferro 791.95 -8.19%
Wardwizard Innovat. 68.29 -7.15%
Heritage Foods 627.3 -5%
VA Tech Wabag 1120.8 -4.32%
Brigade Enterprises 1343.6 -3.99%

Top Performer companies (Based on TTM Profit)

Company TTM ProfitCr.
RattanIndia Power 8896.75
Bank of Maharashtra 4055.84
Cholamandalam Fin. 3838.48
MRPL 3582.43
Bombay Dyeing Mfg. 2948.42
Chennai Petrol. Corp 2708.54
Jindal Stainless 2640.35
GE Shipping 2614.18
CentralBank of India 2575.98
Motilal Oswal Fin 2445.62

Top Return companies 1m 3m 6m 1Yr

S&P BSE Small Cap Index: Overview and Small Cap Stocks List

The S&P BSE Small Cap index, a benchmark of small-cap companies, is a crucial barometer for investors keen on tapping into the high-growth potential of smaller companies listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).

These small-cap stocks represent a segment of the market known for their volatility and potential to offer substantial returns.

Why S&P BSE Small Cap Stocks?

The S&P BSE Small Cap Index, a segment of the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), tracks the performance of small-sized companies listed on the exchange. These companies typically have a lower market capitalization compared to large-cap or mid-cap companies, making them potential high-growth investment opportunities.

1. Diversity & Opportunity: The S&P BSE Small Cap index stocks list is teeming with companies across a myriad of sectors, offering a broad spectrum of investment opportunities.

2. Growth Potential: Small Cap stocks often have the potential for significant growth, making them an attractive option for investors looking for high returns.

3. Market Insights: Understanding the movements within the S&P BSE Small Cap can provide valuable insights into broader market trends.

S&P BSE Small Cap Stocks on Ticker

This page contains real-time share prices for S&P BSE Small Cap Index constituents. Whether you're tracking individual stocks or monitoring overall index performance, all the information you need is right here.

  • Comprehensive Stock List: Access an exhaustive S&P BSE Small Cap stock list, offering a snapshot of the diverse companies making up this dynamic sector.
  • Real-time Share Price Updates: Stay updated with the latest S&P BSE Small Cap share price movements to make timely investment decisions.
  • Performance Analysis: Dive into the top performers based on profitability and explore the top return companies over various periods, including one month, three months, six months, and one year.


Q: Where can I find the S&P BSE Small Cap Index price?
A: You can find real-time S&P BSE Small Cap Index prices right on this page itself, ensuring you have the latest data at your fingertips.

Q: How can I access a list of S&P BSE Small Cap Index stocks?
A: This page offers a comprehensive list of S&P BSE Small Cap index stocks, providing detailed information on each constituent stock.

Q: Where can I view price return charts for the S&P BSE Small Cap Index?
A: For detailed price return charts of the S&P BSE Small Cap Index, look no further than this page itself on Ticker. Here, you'll find extensive data visualizations to aid your analysis.

Q: How can I find the top gainers and losers among S&P BSE Small Cap stocks?
A: The Ticker's S&P BSE Small Cap page features regularly updated lists of top gainers and losers, helping you track market movers effortlessly.

Q: Where can I discover the top performer stocks of S&P BSE Small Cap based on profit?
A: Our page provides a curated selection of top performer stocks from the S&P BSE Small Cap Index, focusing on profitability to guide your investment choices.

Q: Can I find a list of all S&P BSE Small Cap stocks on this page?
A: Yes, our Ticker's S&P BSE Small Cap page hosts a complete list of all constituent stocks, ensuring you have comprehensive insights at your disposal

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