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Nifty PSU Bank

This page shows the latest information about the Nifty PSU Bank of NSE.

The Nifty PSU Bank Index contains total of companies which are also called its Constituents.

 +84.95  (1.16%)
12 June 03:59 PM

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Today's Gainer / Loser

Company priceRs. Change%
CentralBank of India 66.31 +3.64%
Bank Of Baroda 283.4 +3.13%
UCO Bank 57.3 +2.03%
Indian Overseas Bank 67.86 +2%
Bank of Maharashtra 67.27 +1.33%
Company priceRs. Change%
Indian Bank 538.3 -0.02%

Top Performer companies (Based on TTM Profit)

Company TTM ProfitCr.
SBI 68138.26
Bank Of Baroda 18409.64
Canara Bank 14782.36
Union Bank Of India 13708.94
PNB 8328.91
Indian Bank 8129.15
Bank Of India 6384.53
Bank of Maharashtra 4055.84
Indian Overseas Bank 2665.66
CentralBank of India 2575.98

Top Return companies 1m 3m 6m 1Yr

Nifty PSU Bank: Share Price, Stocks, Returns and Opportunities

This index tracks the performance of the public sector banks listed on the National Stock Exchange (NSE) of India, offering a snapshot of the health and trends of the financial sector controlled by the government.

The Nifty PSU Bank index reflects the aggregate performance of India's leading public sector banks, providing investors and financial professionals a focused insight into this essential segment of the banking industry. 

Growth of Nifty PSU Banks

The Nifty PSU Bank index has surged by 162% since March 2022, which is significantly higher than the 24% increase seen in the Nifty Private Bank index. PSBs have also seen good growth in their Asset Book Value (ABV), which is how much their assets are worth, growing by 20% from FY21 to FY24. This growth is higher than what private banks have seen during the same time.

PSBs are expected to continue growing well because they are improving the quality of their assets and reducing the costs related to credit. Their market value has gone up significantly, reaching around INR 17 trillion, which is five times higher than what it was in FY20.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Where can I find the current share price of stocks in the Nifty PSU Bank index?

You can find the most up-to-date share prices right here on this page. Just visit the PSU Banks Stocks list table and find the latest information.

2. How can I view historical performance charts of the Nifty PSU Bank index?

In our ‘Price Chart’ section, you can see the historical price of Nifty PSU Bank Index. You can customize the charts to view historical data according to your specific needs, ranging from days to years.

3. Which stocks are included in the Nifty PSU Bank index?

For a full list of stocks, please visit the ‘Stocks List’ section on this page. It includes all the public sector banks currently tracked by the index. One can also check the Public Banks Sector page to track PSU Bank Stocks. 

4. Who are the top performers in the Nifty PSU Bank index right now?

Check our ‘Top Performers’ section to see which banks are currently leading in terms of performance in the index.

5. How often is the data on this page updated?

The data on this page is updated in real time to ensure that you receive the most current information available.

Keep this page bookmarked for easy access to all updates and insights on the Nifty PSU Bank index. 

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