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NSE: HEG BSE: 509631 SECTOR: Electrodes & Welding Equipment  94k   505   60

-9.65 (-0.56%)
NSE: 08 Dec 04:05 PM

Price Summary

Today's High

₹ 1759.9

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₹ 1706.05

52 Week High

₹ 1914

52 Week Low

₹ 918


Ownership Stable
Ownership strength is slightly missing the benchmark.
The stock’s market price justifies its intrinsic value.
The company seems highly inefficient in case of asset management.
FinancialsVery Stable
The company possesses stable growth history and manageable debt.
*It is just an analytical rating of the company and not an investment advice.

Company Essentials

Market Cap

6638.04 Cr.

Enterprise Value

6697.44 Cr.

No. of Shares

3.86 Cr.





Face Value

₹ 10

Div. Yield

2.47 %

Book Value (TTM)

₹  1055.17


681.5 Cr.


740.91 Cr.

Promoter Holding

55.78 %


₹  91.04

Sales Growth



11.6 %



Profit Growth

16.62 %

* Total debt includes long term borrowing, short term borrowing plus current maturities of long-term borrowing
* Ratios are based on latest Audited Financial Result.

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Volume Chart 1d 1w 1m 3m 6m 1Yr 3Yr 5Yr

* Prices are based on daily market changes.
* The chart is based on the standalone earnings of the company. * Negative values and values more than 1000x in PE chart is considered 0.

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Sales Growth

1 Year12.07%
3 Year4.71%
5 Year-2.15%

Profit Growth

1 Year16.62%
3 Year104.36%
5 Year-15.88%


1 Year11.6%
3 Year7.25%
5 Year26.72%


1 Year13.53%
3 Year8.67%
5 Year34.44%



Price to Cash Flow


Interest Cover Ratio


CFO/PAT (5 Yr. Avg.)


Share Holding Pattern

Promoter Pledging %

Date Promoter % Pledge %
Sep 2023 55.78 0
Jun 2023 55.78 0
Mar 2023 55.78 0
Dec 2022 55.13 0
Sep 2022 55.13 0
Investors List
* Figures given above are % of equity capital


  • The company has shown a good profit growth of 104.360174244652% for the Past 3 years.
  • Company has a healthy Interest coverage ratio of 24.0877331938912.
  • The Company has been maintaining an effective average operating margins of 22.9385360665701% in the last 5 years.
  • The company has an efficient Cash Conversion Cycle of 86.7255079588413 days.
  • Company has a healthy liquidity position with current ratio of 2.04437051864735.
  • The company has a high promoter holding of 55.78%.
  • The company has a strong degree of Operating leverage, Average Operating leverage stands at 14.0499223520829.


  • The company has shown a poor revenue growth of 4.71040475307143% for the Past 3 years.
  • Company has a poor ROE of 7.24819310463783% over the past 3 years.

Quarterly Result (All Figures in Cr.)

PARTICULARS Sep 2022 Dec 2022 Mar 2023 Jun 2023 Sep 2023
Net Sales 598.14 530.27 616.88 671.43 614.17
Total Expenditure 419.35 397.2 493.1 520.01 511.72
Operating Profit 178.79 133.07 123.78 151.42 102.45
Other Income 19.57 36.89 31.35 26.12 28.02
Interest 6.88 7.77 7.33 8.85 8.53
Depreciation 23.17 24.99 33.14 38.34 38.48
Exceptional Items 0 0 0 0 0
Profit Before Tax 168.31 137.2 114.66 130.35 83.46
Tax 38.41 34.37 25.43 32.79 21.7
Profit After Tax 129.9 102.83 89.23 97.56 61.76
Adjusted EPS (Rs) 33.65 26.64 23.12 25.27 16

Profit & Loss (All Figures in Cr. Adjusted EPS in Rs.)

PARTICULARS Mar 2019 Mar 2020 Mar 2021 Mar 2022 Mar 2023
Net Sales 6592.83 2149.02 1256.23 2201.61 2467.24
Total Expenditure 1934.58 2154.85 1315.41 1674.39 1847.59
Operating Profit 4658.25 -5.83 -59.18 527.23 619.65
Other Income 109.19 143.76 112.91 79.55 109.14
Interest 17.97 36.51 11.37 7.49 26.01
Depreciation 72.39 72.13 73.12 79.29 102.3
Exceptional Items 0 0 0 0 0
Profit Before Tax 4677.08 29.29 -30.76 520 600.48
Tax 1626.65 -24.08 -5.46 129.41 144.96
Net Profit 3050.43 53.37 -25.3 390.58 455.51
Adjusted EPS (Rs.) 790.36 13.83 -6.56 101.2 118.02

Balance Sheet (All Figures are in Crores.)

Particulars Mar 2019 Mar 2020 Mar 2021 Mar 2022 Mar 2023
Equity and Liabilities
Share Capital 38.6 38.6 38.6 38.6 38.6
Total Reserves 3680.4 3384.28 3360.04 3738.12 4038.63
Borrowings 0 0 0 0 0
Other N/C liabilities 132.81 110.12 105.06 107.22 94.93
Current liabilities 1217.87 816.51 644.03 1415 1462.73
Total Liabilities 5069.67 4349.51 4147.72 5298.93 5634.88
Net Block 784.84 741.28 694.01 755.17 1355.5
Capital WIP 18.58 100.61 373.27 696.08 472.01
Intangible WIP 0 0 0 0 0
Investments 758.8 1139.38 702.15 365.07 540.61
Loans & Advances 65.24 301.48 279.48 232.34 266.26
Other N/C Assets 6.71 7.89 25.19 115.33 10.14
Current Assets 3435.51 2058.88 2073.63 3134.94 2990.36
Total Assets 5069.67 4349.51 4147.72 5298.93 5634.88
* Other Non-current Liabilities include Net deferred Liabilities

Cash Flows (All Figures are in Crores.)

PARTICULARS Mar 2019 Mar 2020 Mar 2021 Mar 2022 Mar 2023
Profit from operations 4677.08 29.29 -30.76 520 600.48
Adjustment -27.42 -30.63 0.47 22.38 52.03
Changes in Assets & Liabilities -1534.78 843.81 748.56 -554.83 -390.01
Tax Paid -1626.65 -103.76 -2.49 -128.15 -148.01
Operating Cash Flow 1488.23 738.71 715.79 -140.61 114.48
Investing Cash Flow -675.78 -275.45 -417.4 -183.36 -31.11
Financing Cash Flow -788.47 -459.62 -309.82 343.63 -99.95
Net Cash Flow 23.99 3.64 -11.43 19.66 -16.58

Corporate Actions

Investors Details

PARTICULARS Sep 2022% Dec 2022% Mar 2023% Jun 2023% Sep 2023%
promoters 55.13 55.13 55.78 55.78 55.78
bharat investments growth... 7.09 7.09 7.09 7.09 7.09
dreamon commercial privat... - - 0.82 0.82 0.82
giltedged industrial secu... 2.30 2.30 2.30 2.30 2.30
india texfab marketing lt... 0.54 0.54 0.54 0.54 0.54
investors india ltd. 0.09 0.09 0.09 0.09 0.09
jet (india) pvt. ltd. 2.61 2.61 2.61 2.61 2.61
lnj financial services lt... 4.27 4.27 4.27 4.27 4.27
m.l. finlease pvt. ltd. 0.90 0.90 0.90 0.90 0.90
microlight investments lt... 12.09 12.09 12.09 12.09 12.09
norbury investments limit... 13.90 13.90 13.90 13.90 13.90
purvi vanijya niyojan ltd... 4.84 4.84 4.84 4.84 4.84
raghav commercial ltd. 3.75 3.75 3.75 3.75 3.75
rswm ltd. - - 0.82 0.82 0.82
shashi commercial co. ltd... 1.75 1.75 1.75 1.75 1.75
nivedan vanijya niyojan l... 0.17 0.17 - - -
rswm limited 0.82 0.82 - - -
PARTICULARS Sep 2022% Dec 2022% Mar 2023% Jun 2023% Sep 2023%
investors 44.87 44.87 44.22 44.22 44.22
al mehwar commercial inve... - - - 1.30 1.30
investor education and pr... 0.60 0.65 0.65 - 0.65
lici asm non par 5.53 4.33 3.84 2.80 2.42
mekima corporation 3.85 - 3.85 3.85 3.78
quant mutual fund-quant s... - - - - 2.55
the new india assurance c... 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00
investor education and pr... - - - 0.65 -
quant mutual fund-quant t... - - - 2.55 -
mekima coporation - 3.85 - - -
pgim india trustees priva... 1.74 - - - -

Annual Reports

Ratings & Research Reports

Company Presentations

Company News

HEG completes expansion project9 Nov 2023, 10:57AM HEG - Quaterly Results8 Nov 2023, 7:05PM HEG - Quaterly Results8 Nov 2023, 7:05PM HEG informs about board meeting 26 Sep 2023, 5:13PM HEG - Quaterly Results11 Aug 2023, 5:20PM HEG - Quaterly Results11 Aug 2023, 5:20PM HEG informs about AGM31 Jul 2023, 2:49PM HEG submits business responsibility and sustainability report31 Jul 2023, 2:45PM HEG informs about notice of AGM and annual report31 Jul 2023, 12:17PM HEG informs about transcript of earnings call5 Jun 2023, 5:28PM HEG informs about earnings conference call30 May 2023, 4:05PM HEG gets nod to make additional investment in TACC23 May 2023, 10:14AM HEG - Quaterly Results22 May 2023, 5:20PM HEG - Quaterly Results22 May 2023, 5:20PM HEG informs about investor presentation20 Feb 2023, 2:51PM HEG - Quaterly Results14 Feb 2023, 6:45PM HEG - Quaterly Results14 Feb 2023, 6:45PM HEG informs about board meeting 23 Jan 2023, 3:52PM HEG incorporates wholly owned subsidiary company 27 Dec 2022, 9:27AM HEG gets nod to enter into manufacturing of graphite anodes for lithium ion cells business12 Nov 2022, 10:49AM HEG - Quaterly Results11 Nov 2022, 5:56PM HEG - Quaterly Results11 Nov 2022, 5:56PM HEG informs about investor presentation17 Aug 2022, 4:39PM HEG - Quaterly Results10 Aug 2022, 4:42PM HEG - Quaterly Results10 Aug 2022, 4:42PM HEG - Quaterly Results10 Aug 2022, 4:42PM HEG informs about newspaper advertisement23 Jul 2022, 9:43AM HEG informs about transfer of equity shares30 Jun 2022, 9:51AM HEG informs about investors presentation2 Jun 2022, 12:14PM HEG - Quaterly Results25 May 2022, 8:06PM HEG - Quaterly Results25 May 2022, 8:06PM HEG informs about non-applicability of large corporate entity2 May 2022, 4:53PM HEG informs about closure of trading window28 Mar 2022, 4:10PM HEG informs about analyst meet23 Feb 2022, 4:38PM HEG - Quaterly Results9 Feb 2022, 6:17PM HEG - Quaterly Results9 Feb 2022, 6:17PM HEG - Quaterly Results9 Feb 2022, 6:17PM HEG informs about board meeting 18 Jan 2022, 4:52PM HEG informs about conference call22 Nov 2021, 4:33PM HEG informs about analyst meet21 Sep 2021, 5:15PM HEG informs about cessation of second term of independent directors30 Aug 2021, 10:04AM HEG reports 4- fold jump in Q1 consolidated net profit12 Aug 2021, 11:48AM HEG informs about newspaper clippings29 Jul 2021, 3:59PM HEG informs about AGM28 Jun 2021, 10:20AM HEG informs about newspaper publication18 May 2021, 3:21PM HEG informs about board meeting17 May 2021, 11:19AM HEG informs about proceedings of postal ballot 15 Mar 2021, 10:43AM HEG informs about conference call23 Feb 2021, 3:48PM HEG informs about investor presentation15 Feb 2021, 10:18AM HEG informs about postal ballot notice11 Feb 2021, 9:53AM

HEG Stock Price Analysis and Quick Research Report. Is HEG an attractive stock to invest in?


Stock investing requires careful analysis of financial data to find out the company's true net worth. This is generally done by examining the company's profit and loss account, balance sheet and cash flow statement. This can be time-consuming and cumbersome. An easier way to find out about a company's performance is to look at its financial ratios, which can help to make sense of the overwhelming amount of information that can be found in a company's financial statements.

Here are the few indispensable tools that should be a part of every investor’s research process.

  • PE ratio: - Price to Earnings' ratio, which indicates for every rupee of earnings how much an investor is willing to pay for a share. A general rule of thumb is that shares trading at a low P/E are undervalued (it depends on other factors too). HEG has a PE ratio of 18.8913431976775 which is high and comparatively overvalued .

  • Share Price: - The current share price of HEG is Rs 1719.9. One can use valuation calculators of ticker to know if HEG share price is undervalued or overvalued.

  • Return on Assets (ROA): - Return on Assets measures how effectively a company can earn a return on its investment in assets. In other words, ROA shows how efficiently a company can convert the money used to purchase assets into net income or profits. HEG has ROA of 8.33214024538888 % which is a bad sign for future performance. (higher values are always desirable)

  • Current ratio: - The current ratio measures a company's ability to pay its short-term liabilities with its short-term assets. A higher current ratio is desirable so that the company could be stable to unexpected bumps in business and economy. HEG has a Current ratio of 2.04437051864735 .

  • Return on equity: - ROE measures the ability of a firm to generate profits from its shareholders investments in the company. In other words, the return on equity ratio shows how much profit each rupee of common stockholders’ equity generates. HEG has a ROE of 11.5995445951151 % .(higher is better)

  • Debt to equity ratio: - It is a good metric to check out the capital structure along with its performance. HEG has a D/E ratio of 0.1817 which means that the company has low proportion of debt in its capital.

  • Inventory turnover ratio: - Inventory Turnover ratio is an activity ratio and is a tool to evaluate the liquidity of a company's inventory. It measures how many times a company has sold and replaced its inventory during a certain period of time. HEG has an Inventory turnover ratio of 2.04409153635576 which shows that the management is inefficient in relation to its Inventory and working capital management.

  • Sales growth: - HEG has reported revenue growth of 12.0650470714229 % which is poor in relation to its growth and performance.

  • Operating Margin: - This will tell you about the operational efficiency of the company. The operating margin of HEG for the current financial year is 25.1149940056435 %.

  • Dividend Yield: - It tells us how much dividend we will receive in relation to the price of the stock. The current year dividend for HEG is Rs 42.5 and the yield is 2.4799 %.

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Brief about HEG

HEG Ltd. Financials: Check Share Price, Balance Sheet, Annual Report, Quarterly Results, Shareholding, Company Profile and News for Company Analysis

HEG Ltd. is a renowned company in the stock market that specializes in the manufacturing of graphite electrodes. The company has a history of strong performance and has carved a niche for itself in the industry. HEG Ltd. is known for its commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. With a strong presence in both domestic and international markets, the company has become a preferred choice for investors looking for long-term growth opportunities.

HEG Ltd. Share Price

Analyzing the share price of HEG Ltd. is essential for investors seeking to make informed investment decisions. Our website provides a comprehensive analysis of the company's share price movement over time. By studying the historical trends and patterns, investors can gain insights into the stock's performance and make well-thought-out investment strategies. Our pre-built screening tools can further assist in identifying potential investment opportunities based on specific criteria.

HEG Ltd. Balance Sheet

The balance sheet of HEG Ltd. provides a snapshot of the company's financial position at a given point in time. Investors can assess the company's assets, liabilities, and shareholders' equity to understand its stability and financial health. Our website offers access to the company's annual reports, allowing investors to dive deeper into the financial details for a more comprehensive analysis. Additionally, our premium features, such as fair value calculation tools like DCF Analysis and BVPS Analysis, provide a more in-depth evaluation of HEG Ltd.'s balance sheet.

HEG Ltd. Annual Report

HEG Ltd. releases its annual report each year, offering an overview of the company's operations, financial performance, and future plans. These reports provide valuable insights into the company's strategies, industry trends, and potential risks and opportunities. Our website provides downloadable access to HEG Ltd.'s annual reports, enabling investors to analyze the comprehensive information presented and make informed investment decisions based on their long-term goals.

HEG Ltd. Dividend

Dividends play a crucial role in attracting investors seeking regular income from their investments. HEG Ltd.'s dividend policy and payout history are important considerations for investors interested in the company. By studying the company's dividend track record, investors can gauge its commitment to rewarding shareholders and generating consistent returns. Our website provides access to dividend-related information to assist investors in evaluating the dividend potential of HEG Ltd.

HEG Ltd. Quarterly Result

HEG Ltd. regularly publishes its quarterly results, shedding light on the company's performance over a specific period. These reports offer insights into key financial metrics, business developments, and challenges faced by the company. Investors can use these reports to assess HEG Ltd.'s progress and make informed decisions about their investment portfolios. Our premium features, such as fair value calculation tools and DuPont analysis, offer a deeper understanding of the quarterly results and their implications for long-term investors.

HEG Ltd. Stock Price

The stock price of HEG Ltd. is a crucial factor to consider when analyzing the investment potential of the company. Our website provides comprehensive information on HEG Ltd. stock price movements, enabling investors to track historical trends and make data-driven decisions. By utilizing our pre-built screening tools and additional analysis features, investors can identify potential entry and exit points and optimize their investment strategies accordingly.

HEG Ltd. Price Chart

Price charts offer a visual representation of HEG Ltd's stock price movement over time. Our website provides interactive price charts that enable investors to analyze trends, patterns, and key support and resistance levels. These charts are invaluable tools for technical analysis enthusiasts seeking insights into potential buying and selling opportunities. Combined with our pre-built screening tools, investors can develop well-informed strategies based on historical price movements.

HEG Ltd. News

Stay up to date with the latest news and developments surrounding HEG Ltd. Our website compiles news articles related to the company, including market updates, product launches, financial results, and industry trends. By staying informed, investors can react quickly to market changes and make timely investment decisions aligned with their long-term goals.

HEG Ltd. Concall Transcripts

HEG Ltd. provides con-call transcripts that allow investors to gain insights into the company's conference calls with analysts and investors. These transcripts offer a detailed account of management discussions and Q&A sessions, providing a nuanced understanding of the company's strategies, future plans, and responses to industry challenges. Investors can access the downloadable con-call transcripts on our website to delve deeper into HEG Ltd.'s communication with stakeholders.

HEG Ltd. Investor Presentations

HEG Ltd. regularly prepares investor presentations to communicate key information about the company's performance, growth prospects, and long-term goals. These presentations offer a comprehensive overview of HEG Ltd.'s operations, financials, market positioning, and future strategies. Investors can access these downloadable presentations on our website to gain valuable insights into the company's growth trajectory and investment potential.

HEG Ltd. Promoters

The promoters of HEG Ltd. play a significant role in shaping the company's direction and strategies. They are responsible for driving growth, managing operations, and ensuring the company's success. Understanding the promoters' track record, expertise, and vision can provide valuable insights into the company's stability and potential for long-term growth. Our website offers comprehensive information about HEG Ltd.'s promoters, enabling investors to evaluate their past contributions and make informed decisions.

HEG Ltd. Shareholders

HEG Ltd.'s shareholder base represents individuals and entities who hold ownership in the company. Analyzing the composition and profiles of shareholders can provide valuable insights into investor sentiment and interest in the stock. Our website offers an overview of HEG Ltd.'s shareholders, allowing investors to understand the company's ownership structure and potential impact on decision-making processes.

By offering comprehensive information and access to valuable resources such as annual reports, concall transcripts, investor presentations, and premium features for fair value calculation, our website aims to empower long-term investors with the tools they need to make informed investment decisions. Explore our website today to embark on your journey of stock analysis for HEG Ltd.