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52 Week Low

Following is the list of companies for 52 Week Low as of today

S.No. Company price Rs. Day Low Rs.
1 Inditrade Capital 16.00 15.47
2 Kalyan Capitals 15.75 14.90
3 Purple Finance 72.01 70.13
4 Maruti Interior Prod 72.74 72.74
5 PS IT Infrastructure 9.43 9.43
6 Rama Paper Mills 14.02 14.02

Get 52 week-low stocks list for the day and track them

In the stock market, understanding market trends and identifying investment opportunities is essential for investors to maximize their returns. One important metric that investors consider is the concept of 52-week low stocks. These stocks refer to those that are trading at their lowest prices over the previous 52-week period.

By analyzing the significance of 52 52-week low stocks, investors can identify potential buying opportunities for undervalued stocks. You can get the list of  52-week low stocks on this page itself. It is updated daily based on the market changes. 

Understanding 52-Week Low Stocks

What are 52 Week Low Stocks?

52-week Low stocks, also known as 52-week low shares, are stocks or shares that have traded at their lowest prices over the previous 52 weeks. This metric provides insights into a stock's historical performance and potential future trends.

Significance of 52-Week Low Stocks

When a stock is trading at its 52-week low, it indicates that the stock price has experienced a significant decline compared to its recent highs. This may be due to market conditions, company news, or investor sentiment. Such stocks are considered undervalued and present potential buying opportunities for investors to enter the market at discounted prices.

How are 52 Week Low Stocks Calculated?

52-week low stocks are determined by identifying the lowest closing price of a particular stock over the previous 52-week period. Investors can manually review historical data or use stock market analysis tools and platforms to obtain this information automatically. By comparing the current stock price to its 52-week low, investors can evaluate whether the stock is trading at a significant discount.

Strategies for Incorporating 52-Week Low Stocks in Investment Decisions

Contrarian Investing

  • Contrarian investing involves buying stocks that are out of favour or trading at their lows. Identifying stocks that are trading at their 52-week lows allows contrarian investors to make profitable investments when market sentiment is low.

Fundamental Analysis

  • Conducting a thorough fundamental analysis is crucial when considering 52-week low stocks. This analysis includes evaluating the company's financials, growth prospects, competitive position, and industry trends. Understanding the underlying fundamentals helps investors determine the true value of a stock and its potential for future growth.

Risk Management

  • Investing in 52-week low stocks comes with inherent risks. It is important for investors to establish clear risk management strategies, such as setting stop-loss levels and diversifying their portfolio, to mitigate potential losses and protect against market volatility.

Considerations for Successful Trading Using 52-Week Low Stocks

Market Conditions

  • Consider overall market conditions when trading 52-week low stocks. During bear markets or economic downturns, many stocks trade near their lows. Understanding broader market trends and sentiment can significantly enhance trading decisions.

Company Analysis

  • Analyzing the specific company behind the stock is crucial. Evaluate the company's financial stability, management team, competitive advantages, and future prospects. This analysis provides a comprehensive understanding of the stock's potential for recovery and growth.

Timing and Patience

  • Timing the entry and exit points when trading 52-week low stocks requires patience and careful observation. Stocks near their 52-week low may experience further declines before rebounding. Traders should assess the stock's trend, monitor key indicators, and wait for optimal entry points to maximize potential gains.

Leveraging 52-Week Low Stocks for Long-Term Portfolio Growth

Leveraging 52-week low stocks can offer attractive opportunities for long-term portfolio growth when approached with careful analysis and consideration. By identifying undervalued stocks, investors can potentially benefit from future price appreciation and dividend growth.

However, it's important to remember that investing in stocks, especially those trading at their 52-week lows, carries risk. Thorough fundamental analysis, risk management strategies, and a long-term investment perspective are key to maximizing the potential of 52-week low stocks.

How to find 52 Week Low Stocks?

You can find 52-week Low stocks of NSE and BSE in Ticker for free. The table on the page above presents this data, which is updated regularly with changes in the company's price.

Remember, while finding 52-week low stocks can be a useful starting point, it's important to conduct thorough research before making any investment decisions. Consider fundamental analysis, industry trends, financial health, management quality, and overall market conditions to make well-informed investment choices.

A stock reaching a 52-week low may present potential buying opportunities, but it is essential to assess the underlying reasons for the decline and evaluate the stock's future prospects.

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